Canon Pixma iP6600D Error Code 6A00

Canon Pixma iP6600D Error Code 6A00

Some where in the paper course a sensing unit is triggered showing paper jam so the printer will canon pixma ip6600d error code 6a00 certainly provide off a 6A00 code.Almost 90% of the time, is associated to the purge system being jammed with something and not being able to move and moving the print head canon pixma printer and assembly will not clear a purge system if it’s jammed with paper paper clips push pins screws cookie crisp and flower bud vessels or the like.The upseting product requires to be gotten rid of or the purge device requires replacement canon pixma ip6600d error code 6500.

By the way, the 6A00 error concerns all Canon printers canon pixma ip6600d error code 5100 made in the last numerous years, it’s not simply utilized in one design. And it’s constantly a paper course error or purge system.

Canon Pixma Ip6600d Error Code 6500

The purge system is where the print head assembly parks when not in use, likewise its other task is to clean and see to it the print head is open and clean for printing. That is why you’ll discover the print head assembly parked on top of it. It likewise has a an electrical pump to milk the print heads and test for ink circulation.

I got that code in Canon Pixma iP6600D driver. It was a bit unpleasant however I got the side and leading covers off to disclose the print head. Every time I turned it on and off I might see it attempted to move however appeared to be stuck.

Canon Pixma Ip6600d Error

The spring had not been strong enough to over come the gluey ink and so the entire thing jammed up which is most likely exactly what the code suggests – jammed system. There are little arrows in the plastic suggesting where the snap locks are, stick a flat head screw driver in to launch. The base appears to be securely connected to the operations so do not attempt and get it off.

This is generally a hardware error relevant to Purge Unit/Waste ink absorber (WIA) and if the printer is in service or the warranty get it changed by Canon.. If not kindly attempt to follow the steps listed below and examine, if you can solve the issue in-house.

1. When the carriage head moves to focus pull out the power card open the printer cover and.
The WIA device is on the ideal side. This is where the print-head is home/parked and is the top of the WIA device.
3. There you will certainly discover wiper blades that move from the back to the front. When it is homed, they clean the bottom of the print-head.
(The ink pads in fact fall about 3 quarters inch, to enable the wiper blade to pass then it is expected to bounce back to the back. The ink suction for cleaning the print-head is done by the WIA system.).
Utilize some rubber gloves and a paper towel and see if you can push the ink pads down simply a little bit – about quarter-inch. If so, see if you can get it unstuck.

This error shows that the WIA device is not offering the appropriate timing signal as it turns inside 360 degrees. Something is either broken or jammed within. If you had a paper jam and attempted to powerfully pull it out, you might have pulled the internal equipments from positioning or in some cases due to timing issue the print head and the cleaning blades can encounter each other.

You will certainly require to do some maneuvers to attempt to launch the cartridge from its parking position. Once again, do not strive Driver canon printer.

when i moved the printer ink and turned the printer off and the flashlite on I discovered some little chardes of paper in a far corner and after I eliminated them I began the printer up once again and it is working fine. you gave my interest exactly what might be an issue and I had the ability to get running once again. If I pay $39.00 I would be covered for 30 added days of issue, do I under stand that.

Below is a gallery that you can see, this Canon printer is really easy to make use of as well as good published outcomes. Please download the drivers on the link over and also if the link is not available please contact us on the email page so we could fix it for you. Hopefully this article useful, please click the imagine listed below to see pictures of the other canon printers.

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